IndieGoGo Campaign

We’ve launched our Intro Video and IndieGogo Campaign! I’m honored to share this project with you. POWER OF ONE is a feature documentary, outreach and essay project about suicide and suicide prevention in America.

I started this journey in 2012 with a focus on military service members, family members and veterans after meeting and interviewing Kacey Eppinette, wife and widow of Chad Eppinette, a two-tour combat veteran who took his own life on July 19, 2011.

What I learned after two years of research and preproduction is that suicide is not just a military issue, and not just a veteran issue. This is an American issue, and it affects us all.

We lost over 38,000 loved ones to suicide in 2012. Tragically, the number of Americans dying by suicide is continuing to increase.

This project is about 3 things:

1. Who are the people, and what are the programs and best practices at the forefront of preventing suicide?

2. What can we learn from them?

3. How can we share these stories in a compelling, responsible and nuanced way to engage everyone in this vital conversation?

Over the next 38 days, we are raising $38,000 to give us the financial “seed” support to capture these important stories.

How can you help?

Connect. Contribute. And Share.

This campaign effort is about a lot of people giving a little, connecting a little, and sharing a lot to make a big difference. Your support, in essence, embodies the Power of One. And we thank you for it.

If you have any questions about our project, our campaign, and/or our perks, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

P.S. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks to my family, friends and advisors who support me, guide me, and help me share these stories with others. As my yoga instructor Patricia, “Kala,” ends every class: ‘Thank you for this opportunity to give what I have received; and share what I have been given.’

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Team Power of One

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