Contribute a little. Share a lot.

This weekend, our first IndieGoGo campaign came to a close. What an amazing experience to share and receive the gift of story and community from you all.

We learned a lot about fundraising in the age of social media, but most of all, we learned how much Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America means to so many.

Thank you to all who contributed to our campaign.

For those who wish to support Power of One and missed our IndieGoGo campaign, you can always contribute here on our site.

Donate to Power of OneContribute a little and give an amount that is right for you and your family or organization. Your gift is the power of one. And we thank you for it.

service-icon-shareShare a lot and amplify the ripple effect of Power of One. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Read our Project Blog. Share our intro video. The more we connect with others, the more people we empower, the more live we may help save.

If you’d like to contribute a major gift to Power of One, we’d love to discuss or customize sponsorship opportunities for you, your business or foundation. As an added benefit, your contribution may be tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Docs in ProgressEmail us today to learn more.

Thank you for being part of Power of One from the beginning!

Together, we make a difference.

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