Tonya Anderson: Power of One Vignette

To know Tonya Anderson is to know a life of joyous expression.

As the founder of ‘An Exquisite Life,’ Tonya is a passionate suicide prevention advocate and counselor who specializes in healing from trauma. A recent graduate of Lock Haven University with a Masters in Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Tonya is a therapist with Diakon Family Services, providing counseling to individuals and families.

Living and leading “an exquisite life” — a phrase she coined that encompasses her clinical practice as well as the workshops she offers, Tonya provides outreach and care for military veterans and individuals who experience/d trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual violence and domestic violence.

Her philosophy is that a person can reduce, and possibly eliminate, the stressors and traumas of life in a natural, holistic way, respecting all support systems in place or creating new ones. And she assists her clients in managing and reducing their stress symptoms to create a healthier, more balanced life and enjoy healthy relationships.

But Tonya didn’t always view life joyously, and it’s hard to imagine she once peered over suicide’s ledge.

Her decision to go back to this place in time is not an easy one. But Tonya is sharing her story so others will not feel alone.


This week she attended the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 2017 Conference in Washington, DC and met with Congressional leaders to advocate that suicide is preventable with research, resources and roles we can all play.

Thank you, Tonya, for embodying the ‘Power of One.’

#RememberTheBlue #KindnessMatters


Tonya Anderson is featured in Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America, directed and produced by Alivia Tagliaferri. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, share with others, and support our work. Together, we make a difference.



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