Preview the Power of One

Preview the Power of One at the Community Arts Center Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 6:00pm – 8:30pm 220 West Fourth Street, Williamsport PA I’m excited to share with you a preview of Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America at the Community Arts Center this September. This film is very personal for me, as I […]

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Care Q/A, Part I

Care Q/A, Part I  Featuring Dr. Robert Chianelli, DMD This is the first in a series of questions and answers with healthcare professionals about how they care for others and themselves. Background: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimates there are between 300-400 suicides among doctors every year. The total number of suicides among medical […]

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Ruck On

Twins share a unique bond few ever experience. They share the same space, the same resources — the same code of genetic conduct. Perhaps soldiers in battle understand; they too share the same space, resources, and code. Joe was first; Earl entered the world thirty-five minutes later. Seventeen years after Maggie’s deliveries, it was Joe […]

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Background, Part II

Suicide discriminates to no person’s ethnicity, gender, race, age or sexual orientation; but it takes an incredibly heavy toll on those left behind. There is growing hope, however. Since 1989, prevention efforts have dramatically increased in scope and scale. The suicide prevention movement in the U.S. began as an effort to treat and discuss suicide […]

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Background, Part I

Last year, America lost over 38,000 citizens to suicide.[i] If we consider the 1 + 4 model, that one person deeply and intimately affects the lives of 4 people closest to them – family members, friends, colleagues – this loss is shattering. Suicide is the third leading cause of death amongst teenagers and young adults.[ii] […]

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The “S” Conflicts

There are two conflicts depicted in Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America, and they both begin with the letter “S” — Suicide and Stigma. And these are old conflicts, historical conflicts. So we’re going to use history to help resolve them. Suicide is not a new phenomenon. But it is a very sensitive subject […]

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Power of One Intro Video

Power of One: Preventing Suicide in America is a feature documentary and outreach effort that shares the stories of people at the forefront of preventing suicide — advocates, surviving friends and family, and those who pivoted from the brink, woven with insights by doctors, experts and public officials — to show how we are all connected, not […]

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IndieGoGo Campaign

We’ve launched our Intro Video and IndieGogo Campaign! I’m honored to share this project with you. POWER OF ONE is a feature documentary, outreach and essay project about suicide and suicide prevention in America. I started this journey in 2012 with a focus on military service members, family members and veterans after meeting and interviewing Kacey Eppinette, wife […]

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