Kindness for Collins

Friends, Join us on Sunday, September 23rd at Riverview Park in Lock Haven, PA from 12-3pm as we take part in Clinton County’s Out of Darkness Walk, hosted by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) – Central PA Chapter. I am honored to be a guest speaker on behalf of the David M. Collins […]

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“I’m Scared”

“I’m scared.” Her words tumble out. Their weight seem to outweigh her physical form, and she holds our eye contact with large, searching eyes as she repeats the words again, this time with more emphasis. “I’m really scared.”

I nod my head. I know why she’s scared.

We can’t see depression. And because we can’t see it, we don’t know where the bottom is.

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Background, Part II

Suicide discriminates to no person’s ethnicity, gender, race, age or sexual orientation; but it takes an incredibly heavy toll on those left behind. There is growing hope, however. Since 1989, prevention efforts have dramatically increased in scope and scale. The suicide prevention movement in the U.S. began as an effort to treat and discuss suicide […]

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